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Superior Finlease Limited

The main objective of the Company is to finance the industrial enterprises or other persons by way of lending and advancing money. To carry on and undertake the business of leasing and lease operations, of all kind of plants, machinery, equipments, etc. To lend and advance money, give credit, of any kind or otherwise finance to such persons and companies, corporations, firm etc. To carry on the business of advisors/consultants of finance and lease and such related matter thereto. Superior Finlease Limited has visionary management, professionals, latest technology to ensure cost effective, timely and quality execution of contracts to the satisfaction of the clients. The company has adopted an integrated approach towards Quality, Environment, Health & Safety and, has incorporated it in business practices. The Company is listed at Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) & Metropolitan Stock Exchange of India Limited (MSEI)

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The Company is currently engaged in extending credits for loans again shares(LAS) and various other business loan.The management of the Company is exploring new association and partners to venture into fintech loan distribution.

Our modular approach enables your business

We treat the banking services on our platform as building blocks, which our partners can mix and match to create banking services specifically tailored to their business model. These building blocks include bank accounts, KYC , Shares, Loan, Bonds, Security and many more.

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Our platform provides yousss with severals services like Loan Against Shares, Loan Against Bonds.

Our simple and self-explanatory documentation will have you up and running in almost no time.

Depending on your businesses need, you can easily connect with our APIs for building the perfect Lending product
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Why you should work with Superior Finlease Limited

Loan Against Shares

Superior Finlease Limited provide Loan Against Shares So that you can continue to your business and achive your goals.

Loan Against Bonds

Superior Finlease Limited also gives loan on Bonds also by which you can exceed your business without any problem.

Loan Against Security

Superior Finlease Limited also provide loan on Security. This also provide no ending block on your running business and you may achieve towards your goals.

Loan Against Mutual Funds

Superior Finlease Limited also provide against loan on mutual funds. You may consider borrowing against mutual fund units as an easy alternative.

Services + entrepreneurs + bankers = Superior Finlease Limited

The multidisciplinary Superior Finlease Limited team combines entrepreneurs with seasoned banking and finance experts to create the perfect mix for a tech company with a NBFC license.

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